Rescue Me

Rescue Me provides online business services, consulting and general assistance to small and medium-sized businesses. With more than 15 years combined experience in business, marketing, social media, market research, bookkeeping and event planning, Rescue Me is the only partner you’ll ever need when business demands become unmanageable on your own.

Rescue Me takes pride in providing the highest quality service to every client, each and every time. We understand that every client's needs and priorities differ. When you contact Rescue Me, we listen to you, answer all your questions and invariably offer a unique solution to rescue your business.


Founder / CEO

Originally from Wisconsin, Megan grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals. She was exposed early on to the ever-changing needs of small business owners and the limited time they have to adjust to new situations. After attending Southern Illinois University and obtaining her Bachelor of Science & Master of Business Administration, Megan went on to work in a variety of industries. These industries include education, marketing, technology, sales, event planning and operations. Megan has a long track record of dedication, commitment and success that clients can trust and count on.

Megan founded Rescue Me in 2011, obtaining clients in the real estate, software, banking, financial services, consulting, senior service and virtual service industries.

As Seen In:

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