3 Key Areas Where A VA Can Help Increase Your Sales

Megan - Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's widely accepted that maintaining consistent marketing is critical to increasing sales. Yet, if like many business owners, you're attempting to fulfill many roles within your business, the amount of time you're able to put into your marketing efforts will vary depending upon how hectic you are with client work.

This produces a common marketing pattern, where hectic business owners just handle to get on top of their marketing when they find themselves with a little down time - largely due to an absence of marketing! While it's completely reasonable that attention is concentrated on clients, this yo-yo method only works to a degree, and if you want to grow your business you must take actions to attain that much sought after consistency.

Let's be open here, because you're in this yo-yo marketing pattern for one reason - lack of time, and there's one hands-down, stand-out way to regain some time...


Once you've realized that a consistent method to marketing is the best way to increase your sales and develop your business which you're not required to do everything yourself - you're ready to get some transformational assistance from a top-class virtual assistant.

Here are 3 essential business areas, within sales and marketing, that a VA can successfully manage on your behalf to increase your sales and grow your business...

# 1 Supporting Systems

VAs are really savvy with systems and have the ability to put into place the best combination of online applications/platforms needed to support your business and marketing activities effectively and efficiently. This could be for tasks such as creating websites, updating content, creating landing pages, establishing online profiles, setting up e-newsletters and email sequences, or managing CRM software/systems.

# 2 Client Experience

Providing an excellent client experience is critical to the development of your business and your VA is able to assist you in providing a more personalized service, to build trust and considerably contribute to favorable client experience - eventually increasing the likelihood of sales.

Your role within the sales process will, obviously, remain vital. Nevertheless, your VA is able to improve your processes, manage your interactions and swiftly refer your customers in a timely and useful way, so that your customers' expectations are exceeded, preferably each and every time they connect with your business.

Tasks might be following up with leads, responding to e-mails, 'live' chat, after-sales interactions, sending out surveys, asking for feedback, dealing with inquiries, disagreement resolution, sending out e-newsletters and so on.

# 3 Content Marketing

Numerous business owners willingly accept that they're not experts in content marketing and discover social media to be a time drain that yields a lower return than they expected. Added to which, they quickly acknowledge the considerable expense of spending a large amount of their own time on tasks like preparation, developing and sharing content, handling social media reactions and engaging with their audience.

Your VA has a wealth of online business experience and can help develop relevant content on particular subjects, in your tone of voice, then share this throughout social media to create greater awareness and interest in your business. This is essential, as it attracts your ideal clients, begins building relationships and encourages trust in a big, big way.

In this area, tasks might include idea generation, blog writing, video editing, producing graphics, proofreading, research, social media management, e-book formatting as well as creating e-newsletters if the VA happens to have a flare for design.

By delegating these time-consuming tasks, you'll save an enormous amount of time and potentially achieve genuine consistency in your marketing, which might very well be shown by a surge in your sales and significant business growth.

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