6 Reasons Why VAs Are Invaluable To Your Content Marketing

Megan - Thursday, March 02, 2017

Many businesses both large and small, online and offline have embraced content marketing as a pivotal part of their marketing strategy. Publishing high quality, engaging content, that's useful to their existing customers and target market, has wide-ranging positive effects for the business; particularly on leads, sales and reputation.

The term 'content' covers many different forms of media and is essentially anything that needs to be created! Among other things, this may be blogs, social media posts, videos, images and audio uploads. Creating varied forms of content helps businesses reach more potential customers as people have different ways of learning, for example, some prefer to read, whereas others prefer to watch.

Producing Good Content Takes Time

Whilst there are many benefits of content marketing, to the company and to the customer, good content takes time to produce. Subsequently, often businesses struggle to consistently output quality content that's relevant, aimed towards their target audience, and in line with their business goals.

For this reason, it's important to establish the aims of the business and to create a marketing plan to help achieve it. The planning of details right down to what content you'll create and when, gives confidence in the approach and a structure that'll go some way toward ensuring it actually happens!

You Don't Have to Do It All Yourself

If you wish to stay on top of your content marketing, but recognize that you may not be able to find the time on a regular basis - help is at hand. Outsourcing your content marketing to a VA is a brilliant solution. Here are 6 reasons why...

#1 Free Up Your Time

It can take a long time to research, fact-check, create the content, find and brand the images, source relevant quotes, publish and share it across social media. If content creation isn't your passion you can easily start to feel drained by the amount of time it takes to get it right. Delegating it to a VA will help you retain your enthusiasm and focus on the areas of your business that you're most passionate about, whilst still providing your customers with all the information they need.

#2 Share Content on Schedule

As VAs are great with deadlines, they can help you put an editorial schedule in place and stick to it, with the regular production and publishing of quality content.

#3 Expertise

VAs are awesome content creators and you can use their expertise to create high quality, thoroughly researched and well produced content. Their skills are wide-ranging from writing to video production and everything in-between. They are also able to apply their extensive experience in online business operations and social networking platforms to the promotion of your company.

#4 Find the Right Level of Support for You

VAs are able to offer varying levels of support, from the completion of specific tasks as and when delegated, to working with you as a Strategic Partner to produce a content strategy that fits with your wider business aims.

#5 VAs Can Skill up and Scale Up

Oftentimes, VAs have a skilled team of people to draw upon. This enables you to scale up your content production as and when needed, without any concerns around hiring or firing, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee. When you require additional help, experienced VAs are able to seamlessly bring trained team members onboard, on demand.

#6 Shift the Learning Curve!

You don't need to put time and energy into learning new tech, marketing methods or anything else! However, as you build a working relationship, your VA will get to know your business and your industry and become attuned to the style of communication that represents your business.

Partnering with a VA to get your business seen and heard has a compounding positive effect on your income, through increased leads and sales due to greater marketing efforts, and more time available for you to focus your efforts on existing customers and income generating activities.

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