Are You Delegating Tasks To Your VA Successfully?

Megan - Thursday, December 08, 2016

Creating and preserving a significant, productive working relationship with your virtual assistant needs patience, understanding and also trust. While this relationship could spend some time to thrive, once you and also your VA establish a trusting relationship, a lot of the obstacles you experience along the road will certainly be much easier to deal with.

One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face is the best ways to delegate tasks efficiently. Merely sending a list of instructions along with a due date may or may not suffice, depending (obviously) on the intricacy of the job. This is why you must consider dealing with your VA in a safe online collaboration area like Active Collab. (FYI - Rescue Me collaborates with our clients inside Active Collab and this space is provided to our clients at no charge.) Likewise, it's crucial to remember that how you connect with your VA, especially your manner and just how you connect could greatly influence the outcome of any tasks designated.

Do You Communicate Your Expectations Clearly?

When delegating tasks to your VA, make certain that you describe your expectations clearly and also make a point of answering any type of questions your VA has immediately so the job moves along efficiently. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that overlooking any request from your virtual assistant to find out more information will just lead to mistrust down the road, and will inevitably result in a hold-up for completing the task.

Did You Provide Adequate Training?

Make sure your VA could complete the task you’ve requested by giving extra training, if necessary. Never assume your VA has experience in operation the latest database development software application or is well informed in every area of your business or industry. By supplying training when essential, your VA can boost their skills immediately, and also begin dealing with new tasks with a great deal less oversight.

Are You Professional?

Staying professional at all times is one of the best means to gain respect and build trust between you and your VA. This is particularly true when you first begin collaborating. So, remember to supply insightful comments on the first couple of tasks your VA deals with.

Keep Your VA Involved and Informed.

The more your VA knows and understands about your business, the more likely they'll be able to carry out brand-new jobs you delegate. For instance, if your VA provides customer support to your customers by email, see to it your VA is notified concerning brand-new services and products, the processes for managing customers expressing joy to those that have problems, and also it does not hurt to keep your VA up-to-speed on managing your CRM system, at least to some extent.

It's extremely easy to fail to remember to communicate with independent contractors that work remotely regarding just what's taking place in your business, which is why it's a wonderful concept to send out regular updates to your VAs so you can keep clear lines of communication, with consistency.

Hear Your VA.

If your VA requests the same info over and over, perhaps it's time to re-examine just how well you communicate. In most cases, checking in advance with your VA concerning exactly what they'll need to finish a job minimizes requests for additional info later. As your working relationship begins to be much more comfortable, you and your VA will find collaborating to be much more effortless. So, it just makes good sense that listening and responding accordingly could go a long way toward constructing a lasting business relationship.

The Bottom Line.

To produce and maintain an efficient working relationship with your VA team, it needs clear communication and understanding. You can complete this by means of an online collaboration area, email, or you could use an online conversation center like Slack where you and your team (both in-house and virtual) could congregate in 'real time' to share news, ask inquiries and typically learn more about each other a little bit better.

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