Can You Really Make More Money By Hiring A VA?

Megan - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

When building a successful business, it's important to remember that you can't do it alone. Put simply, hiring an experienced virtual assistant to manage your online advertising allows you to work on other aspects of your business, that only you can do. This experienced VA will be able to create online ads for social media sites including Facebook, create content for your website, blog content, email marketing content and even manage your email list so your customers always know what's going on with you, and your business.

Paid Advertising - Still the Best Way to Get Noticed Online

Pay-per-click advertising and social media ads help generate interest in your business (and hopefully lots of opt-ins and sales). So, take the time to provide your VA with a comprehensive description of your products and services so they can create and direct effective search engine and social media ads. In addition, provide an adequate description of potential customers so your VA can target specific markets by their age, gender, interests, behaviors or occupations too. As with any other type of advertising, understanding who your potential customers are, can help you find them far more quickly.

Advertising on social media websites like Facebook not only allows your virtual assistant to target specific markets, but also to interact with these customers on a regular basis. Since Facebook doesn't allow users to block advertising, your ads could be noticed by a large number of people, in proportion to your budget, of course! Facebook also allows businesses to develop personal relationships with new and existing customers. For example, customers can post questions about your products and services, and then your VA can provide informative answers to these questions quickly, oftentimes providing links to your website or other content your business publishes too.

Facebook Ads for Digital Products

Social media websites like Facebook provide a variety of tools to help businesses increase sales. Your VA can use the ad creation tools provided by Facebook to design and create memorable, effective ads that truly resonate with your market. Facebook also provides ad monitoring tools that allow your VA to track how many opt-ins and sales your business makes from these ads in real time. Your VA can even make changes to these ads at any time to help increase sales, for instance adjust targeting, budget, etc. As mentioned above, your virtual assistant can also use these ads to grow your mailing list though generating opt-ins which is a very valuable asset indeed, for any growing business!

Online and Offline Advertising: Working in Tandem

Create a marketing campaign for your business that utilizes both online and offline marketing techniques. For example, make sure your website address appears on all of your business cards, brochures, and so on. If your VA writes a press release that appears in a prominent online news distribution service, make sure your VA includes a link to the article on your website (or at the very least, mentions the article on your site). Be sure to advertise all local charity and community events your business participates in or sponsors on your website too.

Marketing your business online and offline requires constant attention, and this is precisely why you should hire a VA who's detail-oriented and highly motivated to make sure all of your marketing strategies complement each other.

An experienced VA can help your business grow in many ways, so if you're not Internet-savvy, don't worry about it, just make sure you hire a friendly, competent and enthusiastic VA to handle all your online and offline marketing requirements.

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