How A Simple Mindset Shift Can Make You More Successful

Megan - Friday, June 23, 2017

It's been a very interesting week and last couple months, to say the least.

I’m going to be very open in this post as I think it’s important to stay personal in what can be a very impersonal online world.

I’m a hypocrite.

I hate to admit that, but I’ve not been very good about taking my own advice. Rescue Me is completely based around helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and other VAs be more productive and have more time for themselves so they can grow their businesses.

But, what happens when my business grows? This is a great thing and one that I’m very grateful for. I have awesome clients that I love working with and for the first time, I’ve had to turn potential clients away for a variety of reasons.

I’ve had so many big plans, goals and ideas since January 1st and very little of them have been getting done. Some of them I haven’t touched and some I’ve barely chipped away at. I’ve had requests come in for me to create more online training courses, but haven’t got as far along in the plans as I’ve wanted to.


I haven’t had the time.

Isn’t this the age-old thing!

It’s been bothering me, but I’ve not been able to figure out the solution. Even adding new members to the Rescue Me team hasn’t helped me to make that adjustment and take care of myself or the “non-essential” projects.

What gives?

In the beginning of June, I was presented with a new opportunity to work with my mentor, Michelle Dale. You may have heard me mention her before in my videos, newsletters or other events I’ve collaborated with her on. Well, while working together, I explained to her this dilemma. And, people always say well “make the time” or “wake up earlier”, but that was also a problem for me. I never felt like getting less sleep was the answer. After all, if you’re not well rested, you’re not doing your business any favors either. You aren’t as sharp. You’re groggy and things take longer.

Ultimately, I felt stuck. Until she said this to me…

“What if, starting tomorrow, there were only 22 hours in a day instead of 24 hours? Would you still get everything done that you needed to?”

I had to pause. I went a bit silent. As soon as she said that I knew what she was doing and I knew the answer.

I replied “Of course. I wouldn’t have any other option.”

She said, “then why can’t you take those 2 missing hours and take care of yourself?”

I really didn’t have an answer.

I was challenged to immediately (the next day) start taking 2 hours in the morning to myself. To not wake up and check email on my phone right away for something “urgent”. 

“Nothing is so urgent that it means not taking care of yourself.”

And, she was right.

I was nervous as hell the next day, but I promised I would try it. I woke up and read one chapter of this book I started. Then, I did a short meditation, went for a walk with the dog and sat in the local park laying out in detail a plan for some of these new projects I wanted to work on. I journaled a bit, ate some breakfast and started work for the day. I felt awesome, refreshed and at easy. I had no worries of getting everything done that needed to get done and wondered why I didn’t start doing this sooner. I had clarity and even felt more efficient with my time.

I wanted to share this story with you in a blog post because I have a feeling I’m not so alone in this thinking. I suspect you have felt or do feel the same way. I think this is common among entrepreneurs. “There is never enough time in the day.”

So, I want to encourage you and challenge you! Try it!

For 1 week, find a routine and give yourself 2 hours in the morning before you start your day and get “sucked in” to your work. I recommend doing something similar to mine, but the goal here is to have time to yourself - with no kids, no clients, no email, no distractions. Just you - relaxing and being present.

Please come back and leave me a comment and tell me about how this challenge was for you and share your “routine”.

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