Maximize Your Online Marketing Efforts With Specialized Virtual Assistants

Megan - Friday, February 17, 2017

Hiring a virtual assistant with online video production and editing experience can help you reach new customers quickly, to say the least. As more and more people spend their free time watching online video content, businesses have greater opportunity to connect with new customers, as well as show-off new products and services.

When hiring a VA to create and upload business related video content, consider someone with experience in using various video creation and editing software - like ScreenFlow for example, and experience in creating video content in the best formats for viewing responsively on computers, tablets and smartphones. A VA with experience in social media marketing can be a valuable resource here too, especially when you're trying to broaden your customer base.

Online Advertising: Reaching Out to Your Customers

These days, connecting with new customers quickly is essential if you want to build a profitable brand, and social media advertising plays a huge role in reaching these customers. Not surprisingly, a memorable ad or clever video can create an instant following, so once your VA has attracted the attention of these potential customers, creating and maintaining a successful email marketing campaign can then be your next step to convert casual customers into loyal, long-term customers.

Your virtual assistant can even determine which social media platforms will benefit your business most - based on the types of customers you want to attract, and then create video and ad content to move your campaign forward.

Video Content and Email Marketing

Video content may also be embedded into email marketing campaigns. A well-crafted video can help explain the benefits and features of your products and services, which is especially useful to new customers who may have very little knowledge or understanding of your business. In addition, video content can help increase click-through rates, which typically lead to more sales.

As we know all too well, the average attention span of customers has decreased over the years. To accommodate this change, business owners must entice, educate and entertain customers in a short period of time. Professionally created and edited video content - by your VA, can usually accomplish this goal without exceeding your marketing budget.

Add Video Content to Your Website

Another way to incorporate video content into your online marketing efforts is to create a video library on your website. Your virtual assistant can compile a group of helpful 'how-to' videos which are created for customers to learn more about your products and services, or how to use these products and services to better their lives or to accomplish specific goals. By offering valuable advice, tips, guides and other information freely, you build trust with new customers while providing existing customers a reliable resource they can visit time and time again.

Harnessing the Power of Customer Response Marketing

Through regular online interaction with customers, your VA will be able to determine the types of information customers are searching for, and then create video content to satisfy their needs very cost-effectively, now and into the future. As effective CRM strategies rely on providing what customers are asking for as quickly as possible, so for example, if the majority of your customers ask for tips and tricks for using a specific product, your VA can create a short video that clearly demonstrates how to use your product effectively. This strategy can lead to virtually instant sales, as your customers will have a better understanding of how your product really works.

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