Utilizing Email Marketing Strategically

Megan - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Email marketing is a really effective tool in the world of eCommerce and it's a reasonably cost-efficient method for obtaining clients/ customers, which you could continuously keep in contact with.

When email marketing is done right, it can yield phenomenal results and also generate brand-new clients/ customers regularly. If it's done improperly, your email campaigns can potentially frustrate the recipients and have them either unsubscribing or sending your emails directly to their spam folders.

There are a number of efficient techniques for email marketing however, it's quite valuable if you utilize these strategies in your campaigns as this forward thinking could substantially raise the number of possible clients/ customers you're able to get too.

Making Use of An Email Series Purposefully.

You more than likely already know about email marketing campaigns that notify contacts about new promotions or products, but there is also something called "collection" or "stacking/ stacked" campaigns. These are emails sent out to a user when a specific action is taken on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. These series need to contain a variety of specialized e-mails that are sent at predetermined intervals, to these contacts based on the activities they took while visiting your site.

Constantly see to it that any type of emails you compose are brief and engaging. It’s ideal for your emails to be just long enough to get your message across with no fluff. Your customers do not intend to read a novel. On the other hand, don't make your e-mails irritatingly short either. All of your formatting needs to be spick-and-span in every email sent out, every time. By double checking your work you're conveying the message that your interactions together matter.

Every email within a campaign should feature a particular "call to action" which the email should concentrate on, triggering the recipient to act right away, such as urging them to acquire a membership or product, leave a helpful review or merely to respond and share what's on their mind.

Follow Up Email Series.

After offering a product to a customer, it’s preferable to send them a series of emails in a specific order. The initial email ought to be to confirm the order. If the purchase needs to be shipped, the second should pertain to shipping details, otherwise, skip this email. The third needs to be the follow-up email, where you can check to see just how they're coming along and also if they need any sort of help. Or, you may encourage the recipient to leave a review. If you so desire, you could also provide a discount on future purchases.

"We Miss You" Email Series.

If one of your past customers hasn't been visiting your site for some time, aim to remind them that you're still there for them. Urge your customers with discount deals, potentially complimentary shipping if it's a physical thing, or a benefit of other nature that can potentially get them engaging with your website once again. The email you send for this ought to be much more customized compared to the others. Alert the recipient that you're always delighted to assist and inquire if you could do anything for them and also/ or help them in any way.

Final thought.

Series "stacking/ stacked" email campaigns shouldn't be your only marketing method by any means, however they must absolutely be an important part of it. Sending extremely relevant messages directly to a customer based upon their activities on your website, without a doubt, can be a quite effective marketing tool. This is exactly why an overall marketing strategy that reaches your existing and brand-new customers from a number of angles will likely maintain individuals to be fully engaged on your website in the months and years to come.

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