Why Your VA Is Great At Increasing Your Sales Through Marketing

Megan - Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's undeniable that sales are essential to the success and growth of your business. However, increasing sales can be a sticking point for many business owners, either because they feel uncomfortable with selling, or because they don't have any further time available to 'sell' and actually deliver on the sale!

Selling is time-consuming, because making a sale is rarely about just one conversation, but instead a series of impressions of your business, that build your prospective client's confidence in your ability to provide what they need.

In order to take effective steps to increase your sales you need to develop a marketing strategy - and actually, follow it! Marketing covers so many facets of your business - from communications to email nurture sequences, web copy, blog content, to social media posts, after-sales care and your customer service process too. Essentially, any point at which your clients or potential clients have contact with your company, is a point where you can encourage or discourage a sale and can be considered as marketing.

Many marketing tasks involved in raising awareness of your business, developing interest, or retaining clients' loyalty, are consistently recurring time-consuming tasks, that are central to contributing to a positive client experience over a period of time. These are tasks such as answering client queries, writing emails and crafting newsletter communications, creating and updating your website, designing landing pages and so on. Often, business owners place their focus and priority on meeting the needs of their current clients, and these influential marketing and sales related tasks get pushed down the list, and sometimes off the list completely!

So when and how do you find the time to consistently complete these sales tasks?

The solution is... you don't!

Although these tasks may be directed by you, planned and strategized by you - they don't need to be executed by you. In fact, it's very likely you're not the best person for the job!

You need to delegate, it's that simple.

Delegation will reduce your workload and reduce your stress while enhancing your marketing to increase your sales and grow your business. That's literally a win-win!

Perfect Tasks for a Virtual Assistant

Many of these marketing and sales tasks are creative in some way and conducted online, making them perfect to delegate to your VA. With specialist skills and extensive experience of online business operations, your VA is able to take on a wide range of roles and responsibilities, including client communications, creating content and technical tasks.

More than just a contractor that you send the occasional task to, a VA seeks to integrate with your business as a fully involved member of your team - and in some circumstances can even provide and manage your entire sales team if they're experienced enough of course. Furthermore, a VA can consult with you to develop an income strategy and marketing plan and really assist you with developing your sales process and expanding your business, whilst you retain your sanity!

Delegating effectively to a great VA can quickly have a compounding effect on your income potential, as not only are your marketing efforts and client communications in superbly capable hands, but you're now free to focus on income generating tasks and closing deals...which can really stack up to an astonishing acceleration in sales and overall profit too.

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