Working with Extraordinary Virtual Assistants To Streamline Your Business

Megan - Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do you require more time during the day to meet with clients, develop products or offer your focus on future plans for your business? Do you feel that you spend way too much time completing documentation, updating your contacts list as well as resolving business accounts? Rather than aiming to squeeze more time out of each day, why not work with a virtual assistant to obtain a few of these lesser (however still essential) tasks done for you?

The Most Important Reason to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Every person on this world has the exact same 24 hours every single day. The most essential reason to hire a virtual assistant is so you have the ability to spend your time a lot more intelligently, so rather than investing an hour or more daily completing lesser management tasks, you can meet with a new client, deal with ways to broaden your business as well as your brand name, or take the day off to spend time with your family or to go after an interest or pastime.

A gifted virtual assistant will work with you on a project-by-project basis or on an on-going basis for a particular number of hours each week or month. This suggests you do not always need to employ a full time employee (a big worry for start-ups and also local business on a budget plan).

Developing a Successful Working Relationship with Your VA

Find a VA that has the specific ability to complete business tasks that are unique to your business. Produce a day-to-day or weekly routine of tasks for your VA to complete, after that, encourage your VA to send a "finished list" or provide updates daily so you could track their progress.

Because your virtual assistant works remotely, you can anticipate most tasks to be finished in less time than it would take an in-house staff member that may become distracted with clients, conferences or chatting with colleagues, so it's definitely in your best interest to set up a monthly conference (via recap & outstanding items email or chat) with your VA to discuss their workload. If your VA is willing to tackle a couple of extra responsibilities, see to it to supply sufficient training and prompt responses until they're comfortable in completing these tasks.

It's crucial to understand that collaborating with a virtual assistant is more of a partnership, compared to a company/ worker relationship. Because many VAs are also entrepreneurs with multiple clients, you have to keep a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to employing the best VA for you. For example, some VAs will only devote to a certain number of hours weekly or per month, while others favor to work on a per-project basis, so prior to working with a VA, see to it both of you are in agreement with the amount of time they can offer to service you.

Help Your Business Grow

To get the most from your partnership with your virtual assistant, make a list of all the tasks you have to complete in order to expand your business, and also be specific. Delegate as much of the lesser tasks to your virtual assistant as possible so you can focus on the more significant tasks - things that only you could do, which can help expand your business.

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