The 16-Step Recruitment Process:

1. Client provides Rescue Me with existing job description(s). If required, we will prepare and submit the job description for approval and amendment if required. The Job Profile is changed/updated if requested.

2. Check our recruitment agency database and contacts for any likely Candidates.

3. Rescue Me prepares and places job posting(s) on pre-approved websites and social media channels.

4. Rescue Me manages job posting(s) on a daily basis and monitors the responses. If required, we adjust and amend any postings as warranted to ensure that the correct caliber of applicants are applying for the role.

5. The Client is updated on applicants on a weekly basis, if requested). We receive all applications and reply within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Applicants are screened over the email based on their CV and Job Profile before being contacted. This is the 1st step for filtering candidates.

6. Review any suitable applications. The applicants will be screened against Job Profile. This is the 2nd step for filtering candidates.

7. If an applicant is deemed suitable they will be sent the necessary questionnaires and application forms to complete prior to interviewing. If these are not returned or are unsatisfactory, the candidate's application is rejected. NOTE: Client to provide all required questions or forms. This is the 3rd step for filtering candidates.

8. Once the completed forms have been received and the applicant is deemed as being suitable, a phone interview will be held against the Job Profile and Job Description. (Please note: If it is required that the Client’s brand be kept totally confidential until the Candidate is deemed suitable for the role, the Client must disclose this in advance.) If the Candidate is not deemed suitable we will advise them at time of interview or via email. This is the 4th step for filtering candidates.

9. The CV and Candidate Overview of suitable applicants are forwarded to the Client. We generally send a maximum of 1 or 2 suitable applicants for any role.

10. If requested, Rescue Me coordinates an initial interview time and location (in person or via phone) with Client and Candidate and address any questions raised by Client or Candidate prior to interview.

11. After the interview, we will gain feedback with both Client and Candidate. We then coordinate a second interview or any other relevant pre-employment testing if required by Client.

12. Once advised by the Client if the presented Candidates are suitable for the role, verbal reference checking will be conducted. This is the 5th step for filtering candidates.

13. Once results (upon request this includes testing results, reference checks & other required pieces) are returned to Client, it is the Client’s decision regarding the appointment of the Candidate.

14. Rescue Me will present the offer to the Candidate and assist with any negotiations and questions.

15. We will confirm acceptance by email to Client so that the Employment Agreement, Letter of Offer and Job Description can be forwarded to the successful Candidate.

16. We advise unsuccessful Candidates that have made it to Client interviewing stage and thank them for their application.

NOTE: This is a generic example of the recruitment process and is customizable to specific needs and requirements.